14 Year Old Boy Hairstyles for High School Guys

Choosing the right hairstyle can be very important for 14 year old boys. Young guys want to look their best at parties and at school. Young teenagers are just developing their own sense of style and learning how to do their own hair. This may be the first time that some young guys have been able to make their own choices about the way that they wear their hair.


Hairstyles tips for 14-year-old boys

Although boys should try to put their personality into their hairstyle, they must also learn to follow certain rules. Young guys must remember that their high school might not allow some crazy hair choices. However, there are lots of simple styles which boys can choose from. The simplest styles can be done without too many expensive hair products or styling tools. This means that teenage boys can try them out without wasting their pocket money.


Short and Simple Textured Hairstyle

Short and Simple 14 Year Old Boy Hairstyle


Gelled Up Spiky Hairstyle for Teens

Spiky Hairstyle for school boy


Lightly Curled Fringe on a Carefully Groomed Haircut

Curly Hairstyle for men


Lightly Tousled Golden Locks

school Boy Hairstyle


Mid-Length Swept Back Hairstyle with Undercut

Mid-Length Swept Back Boy Hairstyle


Easy Cute and Choppy Hairstyle

Choppy Hairstyle for teen age boy


Carefully Styled “Messy” Look for 14-Year-Old Boys

14 Year Old Boy Messy Hairstyle


Asymmetrical Comb-Cut Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Comb Boy Hairstyle


Lightly Peaked Fringe on a Simple Styled Haircut

14 Year Old Boy Hairstyle


All of the styles that we have highlighted are perfectly safe for school. However, these styles are also perfect for young boys to wear at parties and other social events.


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