4 Trendy Black Men With Fade Mohawk & Fohawk Hairstyles

Black men love fade, mohawk and fohawk hairstyles. They are one of the hottest fashion choices for men with afro-textured hair. Take a look around Hollywood and the music industry and you will be able to see loads of the hottest black men sporting hairstyles which fall into this cool trend. The haircuts are now worn by lots of ordinary men, so why not follow this trend too?


Why black men suit fade, mohawk and fohawk hairstyles

African textured hair is actually one of the most versatile hair types. Because of the thickness of each strand, it is really easy for black men to create fade mohawk and fohawk hairstyles. These styles actually require fewer hairstyling products than they would do if they were worn by men with softer natural hair. Due to the prevalence of traditional hairstyles amongst black men fade fohawk hairstyles have only started to become popular in the past few decades.


Fade Haircut with a Neat High-Top Afro

Fade Mohawk & Fohawk Hairstyles with beard


Angular Lineup Fade Cut with Kinky Afro Curls

Afro Curly mohawk hairstyle for men


Cornrow Hairstyle and a Loose Afro Fohawk

Afro Fohawk hairstyle for black men


Stylish Modern Mohawk Crafted from Afro-Caribbean Hair

Modern Mohawk hairstyle for black young boy


If you want to follow the latest trend, then you could try a fohawk or mohawk style. Black men can easily mix fade haircuts with other hairstyles. You can even create a fohawk hairstyle with a fade cut. Try mixing and matching styles to create the perfect look, so that you will always impress.


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