5 black men’s mohawk hairstyles

Mohawk hairstyles have been going in an out of fashion since the late 1970s. The trend is really taking off for black guys who want to make a distinct first impression. Black men mohawk hairstyles are actually little bit different from the mohawk styles worn by men with other hairtypes. This is because African-texture hair is actually thicker and keeps its shape better. This means that black guys actually need to use fewer styling products to help them to achieve the same effects!


What is the History of Black Men Mohawk Hairstyles?

Mohawk hairstyles are actually a type of style which were originally worn by Native Americans. Rather that shaving the hair from the sides of the head, the hairs would be plucked out. Although the style is named after the Mohawk tribe, it was not actually a traditonal Mohican hairstyles. It was more commonly worn by other tribes. Similar styles were also worn be some social groups in Africa. The Mohawk hairstyle really took off on the 1970s as it was adopted by the punk subculture. Although it was not widely adopted by black men at this point in time, it is now becoming more popular than ever with black guys.


Slicked Back Mohawk and Subtle Hair Art

Slicked Back Mohawk Hairstyle


Wide Afro Mohawk Hairstyle

Afro Mohawk Hairstyle for black men


Short Mohawk Style with Fantastical Hair Designs

Short Mohawk Hairstyle for black men


Modern Man Bun Mohawk

Bun Mohawk Hairstyle black men


Classic Mohawk Haircut

black men Mohawk Hairstyle


We hope that these black men Mohawk hairstyles will help to give you some ideas for your next radical haircut. Some of these looks are subtler than others, so you can choose how extreme you want to become!


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