5 Usher-Inspired Burst Fade Mohawks for Black Men

Burst fade mohawk hairstyles are a great new look for black men. The look is also known as the South of France hairstyle. This amazing haircut for black men was brought to the attention of the public by musician Usher and his celebrity stylist. If you want a great haircut which will take you straight back to summer, then you should give this hairstyle a try.


How to style an amazing burst fade mohawk

Most black guys will need a barber to help them to create a burst fade. In these fades, the length of the cut gradually tapers away. This can be hard to achieve without specialist equipment, so it is good to ask a barber for help. A thin mohawk is one which is very narrow because the fade section is bigger. Alternatively, a thick burst fade fohawk or mohawk is much wider.


Classic High Top Style for Black Guys with A Burst Fade Mohawk Twist

Burst Fade Mohawk Twist hairstyle for men


Burst Fade Mohawk for Black Guys with Kinky Curls

Kinky Curly Burst Fade Mohawk hairstyle


Thin Burst Fade Mohawk for Men with Defined Tight Curls

Burst Fade Mohawk hair with beard


Short Dreads in a Mohawk Hairstyle

Short Burst Fade Mohawk hairstyle


Line Up Hairstyle in a Thick Mohawk Fashion

Thick Burst Fade Mohawk hairstyle


The new burst fade trend is a fantastic version of the Mohawk for black guys. Guys with Afro-textured hair have sometimes struggled to style different mohawks, so this look gives these men a fantastic new option to try. If you want to have a little bit of celebrity style, then you should try to experiment with mohawk and fohawk fade hairstyles.


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