5 Tony Stark beard with short greaser hairstyles

Tony Stark is an all-American hero. The latest retelling of Iron Man saw Tony Stark being played by actor Robert Downey Jr. We have therefore chosen to show you pictures of Robert Downey Jr with  Tony Stark short greaser hairstyles and a beard. These images are perfect for any guy who wants to emulate the look of comic book hero, Iron Man. Take a look through the list if you want to find some great ideas.

Why Men Love Tony Stark Greaser Hairstyles

Lots of comic book fans love Tony Stark because he was able to make himself into a hero. He is cool, clever and can kick ass when he needs to. Men want to be him and women want to be with him. As well as being smart and funny, he is also very rich and successful. This means that he appeals to a huge audience. After the release of the latest Iron Man film in the franchise, lots of guys started to want to adapt their style so that they looked a bit more like their favorite hero.


Crazy Messy Spikes and Peaks

Messy Spike tonystark haircut


Asymmetrical Peaked Fringe



Lightly Fluffy Hairstyle

tony stark Fluffy Hairstyle


Highlights and Lowlights for Texture



Soft Loose Curls for Men

tony stark Curly haircut


Tony Stark greaser hairstyles with a beard are super cool. Become your own hero by emulating the success of Tony Stark and Iron Man.


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