10 Cool Hairstyles For Men With Big Forehead

Having a large forehead can be considered to be a very masculine physical trait. Men with a natural “widow’s peak” hairline may also appear to have a hairstyle with a larger forehead. This selection of hairstyles for men with a big forehead will help you to make the most of your natural features.


Are these hairstyles for men with big foreheads suitable for guys with receding hairlines?

Sometimes a big forehead can be a symptom of a receding hairline. A lot of men are concerned by the prospect of their hair thinning or the thought that they will go bald. Some of the hairstyles on this list are great options for these guys because they can be used to help to cover up a large forehead. Having options like this can offer these men a real feeling of reassurance.


Widow’s Peak Hair with Super Slicked-Back Style

Men hairstyle with a Big Forehead


Lightly Fluffy Curls

short curly hair with a Big Forehead


Short Back and Sides with a Spiked-Up Center

young boy short hair with a Big Forehead


Gelled Hair with a Soft Wave

Men with a Big Forehead


Buzz Cut with a Bushy Beard

Buzz Cut hair with Big Forehead for men


Widow’s Peak Big Forehead with Lightly Curled Hairstyle


Soft Mid-Length Hairstyle lifted by Extra Volume

Men with a Big Forehead


Scrapped Back Hairstyle with A Central Man Bun

Bun hairstyle for men


Combed-Up Hairstyle with Central Peak


Rolled Fauxhawk Hairstyle with Peaked Fringe for Big Foreheads

Fauxhawk Hairstyle for Big Foreheads


Men with large foreheads still have lots of different hairstyle choices. These guys can choose a hairstyle which shrinks their large forehead or they can try out a look which makes it even bigger and bolder. A huge forehead is a really attractive feature when the hair is styled properly. Our list will help you to get it right, so that you can make the most of your looks!


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