10 Awesome Hairstyles For Teenage Guys With Short Hair

There are loads of cool hairstyles for teenage guys with short hair. Older boys are just starting to discover their own sense of style and individuality. Short hairstyles allow teenagers to experiment with their look without making a big change or commitment. Teenage guys can look to young adult celebrities for inspiration, but they can also still choose youthful and innocent hairstyles.


Where to find inspiration for hairstyles for teenage guys with short hair

Our list of hairstyles for teenage guys with short hair includes an awesome mixture of teenage models and young adults who can offer inspiration. These fantastic hair choices can be worn at high school or college, as well during recreation periods. Look through our latest list to see some of the best hairstyle choices.


Side Parting with a Little Light Spiking

teenage boy Side Part with Short Hairstyle


Wet-Look Choppy Haircut with Messy Styling

Teenage Guys Short Choppy Haircut


Short Haircut with Straight Lines and An Angular Fringe

Teenage Guys with Short Hair


Soft and Fluffy Teen Boy Haircut

Teenage boy Soft and Fluffy Short Hairstyle


Rooster Comb Mohawk with Extra Volume

Comb Mohawk with Short Haircut for teenage boy


Voluminous Hairstyle with a Soft Light Curl

Teenage Guys curly with Short Haircut


Lightly Tousled Hairstyle with Soft Layering


Sandy Blond Choir Boy Haircut


Short Hair with a Widow’s Peak Shape

Teenage Guys with Short Hair


Gelled Up Hair with Comb Cut Spikes

Spike comb over with Short Hairstyle


We hope that you enjoyed this list of hairstyles for teenage boys with short hair. Teenagers can find plenty of inspiration from the lists on menshairstylesguide.com. There are loads of great lists for boys and men of every age and hair type.


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