8 Hairstyles for 11 year old boys

Becoming 11 is a big turning point for many young guys. At this age, young boys start to become young men and they start to take on some of life’s choices. Haircut and fashion choices are just a few of the things that they have the opportunity to decide about. They can choose some great hairstyles for 11 year old boys from this brilliant list which we have compiled.


Choosing Hairstyles for 11 Year Old Boys

An 11 year old boy should think about how much time they would like to spend taking care of their hairstyle. Some cuts are easy to do in the morning before school, whereas other cuts take much more effort. 11 year old boys must also show dedication if they want a mid-length hairstyle. These cuts can take some time to grow. They must be prepared to take care of their hair whilst it is growing. Finally, boys must think about their face shape. Some hairstyles are best suited to particular face shapes.


Mid-length Haircut with Sideswept Bangs


Short Back and Sides with Voluminous Top


Sandy Blonde Combover Haircut for Young Boys


Short and Simple Spiky Hairstyle for Boys


Voluminous Spiked Up Cut for Mid-Length Hair


Fohawk Style for Young Boys


Sleek Combed Down And Rounded Haircut


Bright Blond Cut with Asymmetrical Parting


We hope that our list of hairstyles for 11 year old boys has provided you with a bit of inspiration. These looks are just the starting point for years of great fashion sense.


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