6 Fashionable Examples of Cristiano Ronaldo Haircuts

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is more than just a sports star. He keeps himself in the public eye by looking and acting super cool. He regularly changes his hairstyle and his image too, because he takes a lot of pride in his appearance. Lots of young guys from across Europe and America choose to copy his looks! You can take inspiration from the sports star style, by looking through our list of the best Cristiano Ronaldo haircuts.


The Cristiano Ronaldo Haircut Effect

Whenever Cristiano Ronaldo changes his haircut, a few things start to happen. This is known as the Cristiano Ronaldo haircut effect. Normally, the press will clammer to take a picture of his new style. The new cut will appear in the fashion and sports pages, and people will start to comment about it. Within a few weeks, barbers and hairstylists will start to report that they have had people in asking for the same type of cut. If you want to wear your hair in a Cristiano Ronaldo style, take one of these pictures to your barber or hairstylist.


Simple Short and Rounded Hairstyle

Cristiano Ronaldo Short and Rounded Haircuts


Floppy Spikes with Highlights and Lowlights

Floppy Spike Ronaldo Hairstyle


Short Back and Sides with a Soft Wave

Short Backside Ronaldo Hairstyle


Line-Up Cut in an Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical bob with Ronaldo Hairstyle


Multi-Tone Fohawk

CR7 Fohawk hairstyle


Simple Comb-Cut Sleepover Style

In order to look like a sports star, you will need the right inspiration. Cristiano Ronaldo is the perfect choice because he is great in sports as well as being super fashionable. He is always changing his look, so he is a never-ending source of inspiration.


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