10 medium hairstyles for college boys

College is the perfect opportunity to experiment with new hairstyles. Guys with medium length hair have so many different options to choose from. Our list of style photos of medium hairstyles for college boys will show some of the best options. There are choices for guys with both straight and curly hair.


Experimenting with Medium Hairstyles for College Boys

Guys who want to experiment should buy a good comb and some reliable styling gel. The first thing to do is to get rid of any knots in your hair. Once your hair is tangle-free, you can  start to experiment. Try a few different looks in front of the mirror to see which styles suit you. Use the styling gel to hold your new look in place. If you have a big college event coming up, it is best to practice in advance, so that you will know what you can achieve.


Asymmetrical Tousled Curly Hairstyle

AsymmetricalMedium Hairstyles for college boys


Voluminous College Haircut with Double Parting

Voluminous College boys Medium Hairstyles


Lightly Sideswept Spiky Hairstyle

Sideswept Spiky college boys Medium Hairstyles


Sleek Straight Mid-length Hair and Undercut

Mid-length college boy Hairstyles


Tousled Voluminous Spiky Cut


Perfect Pompadour Hair


Floppy Tousled Style for Mid-length Hair

Floppy Medium Hairstyles for College Boys


Heavy Fade Cut with Highlighted Tips


Extreme Spiked Pompadour Hairstyle

Medium Pompadour Hairstyles for College Boys


Floppy and Foppish College Haircut for Guys


College guys love looking good. With so many different people to impress, you will want to try out some of these medium hairstyles for college boys.


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