Cool 10 Funky Haircuts for Toddlers and Kids

Every little boy has his own style and personality. You can build on his style by giving him a really cool haircut to match. These funky haircuts for toddlers will help you to give your son a totally unique look. You will soon have the coolest kid at the creche.


What makes a great funky hairstyle for a toddler?

The best hairstyles for toddlers and kids are the hairstyles which are low maintenance. They should be easy to cut and style, so that the little boy does not have to sit still for too long. Haircuts should also make it easy for them to run around, play and have lots of fun. If your little boy gets his hair in his eyes all of the time, he might find it really annoying. It could interrupt his playtime. A good funky haircut will take all of these things into account.


Shaved Warrior Haircut in a High Ponytail

High Ponytail funky hairstyle for kids


Lightly Tousled Hairstyle with a Side Parting

cute looking funky hair for kids


Mid-Length Shaggy Haircut with a Side Fringe

kids favourite Shaggy Haircut


Side-Swept Voluminous Hairstyle


Long Blonde and Curly Beach Boy Hairstyle

curly with funky hairstyle


Chonmage Inspired Haircut for Toddlers


Spiky Retro Mohawk Look for Kids

funky Mohawk look for kids


Shoulder Length Wind-Swept Haircut


Messy Curly Choir Boy Hairstyle for Longer Toddler Hair

Messy Curly kids funky hairstyle


Hair Pulled Up into a Cute Spike


Choose from our list to give your toddler the best haircut. These funky hairstyles for toddler kids will be loved by parents and children in equal measures. Ask your son which one is his favorite.


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