7 Fantastically Funky Hairstyles for Men

Men who want to think outside of the box should try wearing their hair in a funky hairstyle. These looks are a little bit out of the ordinary, but look great nonetheless. They won’t be the right hairstyle for every guy, but if you are feeling brave then you might want to give one of these styles a try. Ask your stylist to help you to create a funky hair masterpeice.


What counts as a funky hairstyle for men?

Men’s hairstyles can be very boring, if you do not put enough effort in. A funky hairstyle is one that has a little bit of a twist to it. It will have an eye-catching or unusual feature which is out of the ordinary. You may not be able to wear your funky hairstyle in the office, but it will certainly turn a lot of heads at your next party or club night. Do you think that you could pull off a funky cut or style?


Side Swept High Spike and Golden Highlights

Side Swept High Funky Hairstyle


Gorgeous Textured Spikes in Mahogany

Mahogany spiky Funky Hairstyle for young men


Brilliant Contrasting Fohawk and Dark Fade Cut

Fohawk fade Funky Hairstyle for men


Funky Rainbow Mohawk For Eye-Catching Guys

Funky Hairstyle Rainbow Mohawk hairstyle


Forward-Facing Short Dreadlock Hairstyle for Funky Black Guys

Short Dreadlock Funky Hairstyle for black men


Angular Retro Comic Book Hairstyle


Funky Fringe for a Blond Bombshell

Funky Hairstyle


These funky hairstyles for men are perfect for adventurous guys who want to try something that is a little bit different. Do you dare to give one of these hairstyles a try when you are next at the hair salon or barber?


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