7 Fade Combover Hairstyles with a Pompadour

Madame du Pompadour originally helped to popularize the pompadour haircut. She was the mistress of a French King during the Eighteenth Century. Although pompadour hairstyles were traditionally worn by women, they became more popular with guys in America. Teddy boys and greasers adopted the hairstyle during the first part of the Twentieth century. These fade combover hairstyles with a pompadour help to bring the look into the Twentyfirst Century.


Fade Combover Hairstyles with a Pompadour Create Modern Magic

A fade cut can help to transform any hairstyle. A classic style can be given a modern twist whenever a shaven fade is introduced. Shortening some parts of the hair helps the rest of the hair to look thicker and lusher. A fade is perfect for creating a voluminous looking pompadour, which is why the two are often teamed up with one another. You should try the two styles together so that you can create hairstyle magic.


Wavy Pompadour with a Thick Sharp Tramline


Gently Slicked Back Pompadour with Thin Tramlines


Pompadour Fohawk Style and Heavy Fade


Classic Comb-Cut Greaser Hairstyle


Asymmetrical Pompadour Style and Line Up Fade


Cockscomb Pompadour and Multilayered Fade Hairstyle


Slick Comb Cut Pompadour and Distinct Fade


Why not try creating your own fade comb over hairstyle with a pompadour? You will be amazed by the effects that you are able to create, just by using these two haircut techniques together.


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