10 Easy High School Hairstyles For Boys

High school guys are always influenced by the coolest celebrities, so it makes sense that many high school hairstyles for boys are derived from these looks. Actors, musicians and professional sports stars all provide inspiration for cool young guys. Our list gives a selection of hairstyles for young guys which can be worn at high school or at the best parties. Not all of the pictures are of teenage boys, but high school guys can copy all of these looks.


Non-Mainstream Hairstyles for High School Boys

Some young guys want hairstyles which are outside of the mainstream. These hairstyles allow them to fit into different groups and sub-cultures. There are lots of different subgroups on every high school campus. We have tried to provide examples from a few subgroups so that every high school guy can take inspiration from these pictures.


Voluminous Rolled Back Hairstyle for Retro Cool

High School hairstyle


Soft Blond Ivy League Sweepover

Blond Ivy League hairstyle for High School boy


Short Back and Sides with a Comb-Cut Sweepover

Short Back easy School hairstyle


Voluminous Hairstyle for Men in a Choppy Windswept Style

Choppy Windswept hairstyle for school boy

Severe Fade Cut and Big Loose Curls

Fade curly hairstyle for school boy


Forward Facing Haircut for Intense Guys


Spectacularly Voluminous Fringe


Punky Military Hairstyle

Punky Military hairstyle for young boy


Angular High-top Haircut for African-Textured Hair


Classic Tousled Hairstyle for Short Hair

Classic short hairstyle for men


We know that young high school guys want to make a great impression with their hairstyles, which is why we have tried to create a varied list. Nonetheless, every young guy can take hairstyle inspiration from a wide range of different places.


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