5 hip hop hairstyles for black men

Hip hop guys are known for their sense of style, so it is no suprise that people are searching for hip hop hairstyles for black men. Hip hop isn’t just a music style, it is also a lifestyle choice.  Therefore, these haircuts need to be wordlessly cool. The images that we have selected below do not fail to deliver on these promises. These are some of the best hip hop haircuts available.


Retro Hip Hop Hairstyles for Black Men

Hip hop style can be very cyclical. This means that retro styles often become cool again, as people pay homage to the hairstyles which were worn by their musical heroes. Retro hip hop looks include; asymmetrical cuts and high top hairstyles. Some of the most popular hip hop hairstyles will mix retro aspects with modern hairstyle ideas. Modern twists include; line up cuts and razor sharp tramlines.


Asymmetrical High Top Haircut and Curved Tramline

Asymmetrical hip hop hairstyles for black boy


Thin Mid-Length Dreadlocks

hip hop Dreadlock hairstyles for boys


Hip-Hop Hair with Dreaded Bangs

Bang hip hop hairstyles for black men


Dreads in a High Pony Man Bun

Man Bun hip hop hairstyles


Retro 80’s Slanted Hairstyle

hip hop hairstyles


In order to up your hip hop game, you should think about trying out some of our music inspired hairstyles. These looks are all great for black guys whol love to listen to hip hop tunes.


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