7 Criminally Cool Men’s haircuts for gangsters

It can be hard to choose a gangster look because modern gangsters try to look inconspicuous. In fact, modern gangster haircuts are often slick and professional because the guys want to look more legitimate. If you studied modern men’s haircuts for gangsters then you may notice that a few trends start to emerge.


Trends in Modern Men’s Haircuts for Gangsters

Real life rich gangsters will often choose a style which is slicked back or carefully manicured. Groomed looks such as comb-cut men’s hairstyles are particularly popular. Gangster guys will often choose haircuts which they think are charming, so that they can easily ingratiate themselves with others. The smooth look can help gangsters to blend in easily with the crowd! It can be hard to spot a modern gangster just by looking at his haircut.


Comb-Cut Sculped Quiff Hairstyle for Gangsters

gangster Quiff Hairstyle


Super Slicked Back Hair with Short Sides

Hair with Short hairstyle


Voluminous Tousled Haircut

Wavy Side Swept Style


Mid-Length Wavy Side Swept Style for Guys

Wavy Side Swept gangster


Straight Style Swept to One Side

Swept hairstyle for men


Slicked Back Style in a Widow’s Peak Formation


Short Back and Sides with A Longer Comb-Cut Top

Short Back and Side hairstyle for gangster


You wouldn’t think that many of these hairstyles are worn by modern-day gangster guys. Don’t worry about looking like a gangster, because these styles look great on everyone!


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