7 Spiked Haircuts with a Side Parting

At present, more and more men are taking the time to carefully style their hair. Spiked haircuts with a side parting may require careful concentration, but they look great once they are ready. Asymmetrical hairstyles like these ones always look a little bit quirky. We will show you some excellent examples in our latest haircut list.


Different Types of Spiked Haircuts with a Side Parting

There are a lot of different types of spikes to choose from. Voluminous spikes can be created by using a comb to pull all of their hair upwards into peaks. Alternatively, individual spikes can be created using a firm hold hairgel. Comb cut spikes are also easy to create. You should put a lot of hair mousse into your hair first. Then you should use a comb to carefully cut ridges into your hairstyle. Spikes can cover the whole head or they can only be styled into certain sections of the hair, such as the fringe. There are so many different styles that you can choose from.


Gorgeous Gray Spikes with a Side Parting

Gorgeous Gray Spiked Haircut for men


Short Rounded Spikes and Tramline

Short Round Spiked Haircut you love


Combcut Spikes in Varying Directions

men Combcut Spiked Haircut


Slicked Back Spikes and a Long Fade

Spiked Haircut


Thin Spikes with Hair Art

Thin Spiked Haircut for men


Retro Rolled Fohawk

Retro Rolled Fohawk Spiked Haircut


Small Spikes in a Lightly Peaked Fringe


Once you have invested in some good quality styling products, you will be able to try out one of these great spiked hairstyles with a side parting. Soon after that, you will feel the urge to try out many more of these similar styles.


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