5 Totally Inspirational Mesut Ozil Hairstyles

German professional football star Mesut Ozil is a real style icon. His popularity has really increased since he joined Arsenal Football Club. His hairstyles and fashion sense have proven to be inspirational for a whole generation of men. As well as encouraging football-loving men to become more fashionable, Ozil is also a real hit with the ladies. Women are really attracted to his cool, calm and collected attitude.


Why are Mesut Ozil hairstyles so popular amongst young men?

Young men love Mesut Ozil’s hairstyles because they are both smart and practical. His hairstyles can be worn whilst playing sports without getting into your eyes. You can also wear an Ozil-inspired haircut to a party without looking out of place. Multi-functional haircuts are great because they mean that guys can go from the sports club to the night club with the utmost of ease.


Comb Cut Hairstyle with Highlights and Lowlights

Comb over Mesut Ozil Hairstyle


Fluffy Spiked Up Hairstyle and Short Sides

Mesut Ozil Hairstyle


Mid-Length Soft Hair in a Spiked-Up Style

Mid-Length Mesut Ozil Haircut


Dark and Handsome Spiky Haircut

Spiky Mesut Ozil Hairstyle


Swept-Over Hairstyle for Smart Guys

Swept-Over Mesut Ozil Hairstyle


Footballers and sports stars can be great role models for men’s hairstyles. Most footballers have “no-fuss” hairstyles that are easy for guys to recreate. That is why Mesut Ozil haircuts are such a popular choice for young men!


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