Certain karts performing better than others

Certain karts performing better than others


Rental karts are beaten on every day and certainly some will be more tired than others, even though they were all originally identical.


Age of the tires and alignment have a lot to do with this.


I maintain a fleet and despite every kart being identical and purchased/built at the same time, all of them are in various stages of wear. Tires, brakes, clutches, bearings, belts, all those little things make a difference. If a fleet is well maintained you shouldn’t see huge disparities, though. Maybe a second a lap between the slowest and fastest of the only difference between the karts is wear. I’d be concerned if a fleet was maintained with different parts/Chinese copies etc. I recently tried Whilton Mills fleet of 4 strokes out and was shocked at how badly maintained they were. A massive, premier karting track with a brand new fancy bar and restaurant, and they’ve got karts running with stub axle pins missing.


rental kart fleets are all at vastly different stages of wear on every single component on different days. from frames getting softer, to newer tires vs older tires, how old the engine is, and many other factors. it’s normal and in my opinion it helps a lot with driving and adapting to different feeling karts!


For sure certain karts are faster than others in the rental places. Also, is it just me that thinks people "blaming" their *light* weight is complete BS? I'm almost certain there's absolutely no advantage, but some disadvantages, to more weight. Like if you could somehow control the kart remotely but get all the feedback, I think you'd go faster in an empty kart than if you were sitting in it.


Correct. I’ve been to Maine Indoor Karting (RIP) with a bunch of other kart racers for their all day Saturday deal. They also also allow kids to participate. Who held the track record for the day and all the weekends prior? An 85lb kid with talent. Being lighter is better.


It never even occurred to me that someone could think otherwise, until I went karting with my friend (130 lbs) who was almost 2 *seconds* a lap slower than me but said I have an advantage because of my 190 lbs to "generate more grip" lol.


As a go kart mechanic I can tell you even fresh out the factory not all the karts are the same. At my company we run a fleet test (drive every kart for 10 laps, same driver, one after the other) every month and the karts must be in a certain spec. There will always be faster and slower karts and of course the staff aren’t going to tell you which is which.


The engine the difference or the kart?