How would you rate Raiden’s gameplay?

How would you rate Raiden’s gameplay?


He's all about footsies and walking back to punish. Solid but beatable, Raiden would be top tier if his teleport was either a base ability or 1 slot but It isn't.


Raiden Main here, I voted 2 stars Still like him and will keep playing him but he was such a downgrade from "fastest chops on the west" in MKX to "slow claps" in MK 11 The teleport animation is also slower as is the Superman ability I do like the staff moves that he has in MK 11


He's actually got the best teleport in the game believe it or not


I’d go 3.5, you can make the argument it’s 4. He has some range, can zone a bit, useful KBs, fairly easy combos for solid damage and some real mind game’s. He does seem to be unsafe in general, although I don’t think that’s necessarily true I do think he feels unsafe when I play him. He’s a mid range character at core I think, can zone and can play a bit up close but he isn’t brain dead in any way. He has those games with b12 but if you’re predictable they really aren’t special. He’s not bad, not I fun but he isn’t special like I said. I think he’s decent to pick up some times.


I’m a raiden main I think he’s probably one of the most simply okay characters in the game. I’d say 3 but I wouldn’t call him mediocre. To me mediocre is like 2 stars. He has some real drawbacks and he is not privileged with KBs but he’s got an amazing teleport b12 is a good string and he can give out respectable damage. He plays mid range footsies and tries to convert off f11 pokes into his b&b or teleporting far out/electric fly cancels to make himself safe on block, OR whiff punishing. Sucks that you need to spend bar on his best strings to not get punished for using them but whatever I find that it can actually set you up for further offense or mind games. In the corner he has a decent-ish 50/50 game with b32 and b2. Acceptable zoning. b1 has some decent mind games but nothing crazy. He’s just highly passable and since you don’t play a lot of Raiden in KL or otherwise I find a lot of people aren’t ready to deal with him like your standard KL Scorpion or Sub Zero so lack of exposure plays into it along with the skill of the Raiden player. But if everyone started picking Raiden like they do Sub or Scorpion I feel like a fair amount of my hijinks would get exposed. One tweak I wish they’d make is with his b2 KB not 2 consecutive strikes but rather a counter type KB. Hit the opponent 2 times in a match for it to trigger. I don’t even think it’s unfair as other people get way better KBs and it’d go a long way for Raiden.


He is just so boring in mk11 ands he has been my main since 9


2 stars