Former Minnesota prisons sergeant sentenced for trading McDonald’s for sex with inmate

Former Minnesota prisons sergeant sentenced for trading McDonald’s for sex with inmate


Is it just me or does he look like someone who would trade McDonald's for sex?


Not trying to get political but I ways loved when trump called in comey to discuss the steele dossier and said, "do I even look like the kind of guy who would hire a prostitute?" Uhmm... yea. Like EXACTLY how I would imagine a John would look like.


99% likely that if Trump wasn't born rich he'd be manager of a McDonalds (or perhaps a middle manager somewhere) that one day just stops showing up, then like 2 weeks later you find out he was arrested in a prostitution sting and fired.


I actually think Trump would still be a landlord just a slumlord and not a big one. Just run a bunch of shitty crackhouses and meth houses. You gotta keep in mind when Trump was young it was a lot easier to buy properties than it is now even without a loan from your rich family. I know lots of regular people that did it that were even dumber than Trump. Now its hard for people to buy even one home.


Kushner IS a slumlord. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. 💨


Fast food manager still means work. He doesn't work. More likely he'd be pushing MLM scams or some shit.


You can’t seriously believe Trump would be successful enough to live off an MLM? Dude has $4.50 over minimum wage written all over him. He’d definitely try every scam under the sun though.


Dude's been dodging work and scamming people left and right his whole life. He'd probably live off that + some welfare/unemployment scam or something. No way in hell that man works an actual job for a living. He's legit allergic to it.


Probably would try to claim disability for his bone spurs


I think his dad started out as a pimp, or was it his grandfather, I forget.


I think he'd probably be a meth addict with delusions of grandeur. Minus the money you still have a narcissistic addict.


Looked like a guy who'd *marry* a prostitute


And that's exactly what he did


John is his middle name!


> Uhmm... yea. Like EXACTLY how I would imagine a John would look like. Donald *John* Trump


It’s always chubby white guys with goatees. Always. Everything. Every bad thing.


Coney looks like a fucking pool shark at your local dive bar.


I'm just wondering how long he was crying before that shot was taken.


Tbf he looks like he'd be more into the McDonalds


I was thinking more of a “trade sex for McDonalds” kinda guy.




How bad is the food in Minnesota jails that you'd trade your ass for Big Mac?


[https://reason.com/2020/12/12/americas-prison-food-is-still-criminally-awful/](https://reason.com/2020/12/12/americas-prison-food-is-still-criminally-awful/) here is a story talking about prison food


It’s well known that prison guard taint is better than prison food itself.


The “I’m lovin’ it” instructions were unclear


Lol. Fuck sake thats hilarious.




i get the joke, but a guard raping a prisoner for the cost of a hamburger reflects on how horrible the entire system is, not just the food. i know you're not actually allowed to say anything else but these pithy little jokes on a site like this, but isn't that kinda fucked? that due to TOS, when people read about systemic rape they can really only make Big Mac jokes? i get it though. army basic food was so bad i wouldve sucked a dick for a Big Mac too. instead i just did it for free


The guy drove to McDonald’s to get something to eat, the prisoner in the back said she would do anything for a hamburger. He said would you blow me? She said yes. TBH I’ve got questions for everyone involved including McDonald’s


abusing power for sex is rape, no matter what rapist excuse you have for it.


Man this economy is getting out of hand. We all have to do what we have to. Just last week I made $300.05 sucking dick behind the train station.


Stimulate economy......instructions unclear.


That is 6001 dicks


A nice and round 6000, actually. One guy I did twice.


in a row?


How many dicks per hour? Quick math says ~36 dicks per hour if you're chugging load nonstop 7d a week. That's with no sleep. Only 168hr in a week.


He could have been sucking two or even three dicks at once in some cases though


Good point. You sir are a true entrepreneur.


if they're specifically into that, they'd get off even faster. Bit of a risky play though it obviously panned out.


Sounds good till you factor in having to pay your own social security and health insurance, plus no PTO. Independent contracting is a rough business. Props to you for toughing it out.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard that one...


I can't really tell if i hate you for this comment or not. And for that, I'm gonna have to upvote


To be fair I made a McRib joke


Got bottom ribs removed and loving it?


You never suck a dick for free … ASAP Rocky


Someone platinum this comment


When the fries are on point tho


im pretty sure they will be cold by the time they get to eat them


I got the fires that’ll cross yo eyes


I got the shakes that'll make you quake


I got the burgers that will make you...well i just got burgers.




​ His milkshake certainly brought the boys to the yard.


Username checks out


Dipping fries in milkshake


Bad. You’d trade a lot of things for McDonalds when you’re in prison or jail.


You know lobsters used to be prison food until they got banned for being considered too inhumane to feed prisoners


to be fair back then lobsters were huge, ancient and probably tasted terrible overcooked by some English gaoler... and I don't think the British were handing out little cups of melted butter to American terrorists


I think you answered your own question.


Bad enough that most incarcerated people try really hard to avoid eating the state food (food provided for you) and spend as much of their commissary money on "real" food (brand name) for themselves.


Dude I'd fuck for some chicken nuggies from time to time


I got three bucks. PM me, we'll meet at Mickey D's.


I need at least a 20 pack. Lotta cushion that needs pushin'


It's literally the same food us Americans feed our school children through the school system. Same supplier and all. You tell me.


It’s definitely not the same, but I feel you.


It’s not the same, it’s much worse.


I dont know man i went to jail and my body literally rejected the food. Same supplier? I dont know, maybe, but school food isnt marked "not for human consumption". Joke all you want but until youve eaten plain grits that still make you gag, you havent seen what food is capable of doing


Sounds like I need to get some take-out and visit my local high school.


Jesus Christ.


That's a quick way to get on some lists




Well, from ONE source I’ve seen, the chicken sandwich they serve in prison is the same one they serve in schools. So think of the worst school lunches you’ve had and that’s probably their average.


the worst school food i had was ham patty with bone chips, spaghetti with spine meat and bone chips. tasted ok except for the bone chips. all the milk was slightly off. the worst food I had was in Manhattan, Kansas jail. a boiled pork chop with beige gravy. portions were huge though. NYU and Riker's island had the same food supplier. NYU got beef on a rotating grade schedule. You won't really see anything below select in a store cause it looks off. I imagine Riker's got dog food quality meat everyday probably. I became a vegetarian all through college after eating meat in the dining hall. edit: the lower grades are now called 'utility' 'cutter' and 'canner'


Wow, I know my school made jokes about the “mystery” or “horse meat” used in our supposedly beef patties, but that’s just gross.


over the decades there have been several horse and kangaroo meat scandals, and the pink slime


the food in all US prisons is way worse than mcdonalds. its labelled not for human consumption. its literal animal feed.


How bad was the ass that it could be traded for A Big Mac?


Like, if the ass was better they could have leveraged it for 5 guys?


I imagine the inmate was already tired of having five guys.


Blowjob, actually


Still rape


This feels to abysmally sad and fucked up to be funny. Abusing your power to take advantage of incredibly desperate people.


Was it worth it dude? 120 days jail time and 7 years probation. All for a BJ from an inmate.


Well, if there's one thing that he's learned from all of this, it's that once he's in prison, he can suck some dick for a cheeseburger.


[I got these cheese burgers maaan. ](https://youtu.be/gvDBesUnpUE)


"A man's gotta eat"- Randy


Hold your horses, Smokey.


But he'll only get the Big Mac Dressing.


120 days is a long time to go without a cheeseburger... I'm just sayin'




Trailer Park Boys


120 days for rape! If it was a civvy, he would have book thrown at him.


Could it be considered rape? I'm actually asking. I've never heard of oral sex being considered rape but I've never looked it up.


Yes, nonconsensual sex is rape. Sex with minor regardless of consent is rape. Sex with prisoner should be rape as consent in that situation is not same as free will.


100% agree


Like the other guy said. 100%. This person is entirely under the control of the guard. Prisoners, in no sense, can consent. Not only that but the inmate said she would "do anything" for some food. She's being transferred from county jail to county jail, so she probably got picked up on charges in a different county and was being transferred. She could have been picked up just hours before and not eaten in days if she was on the street. Who knows how desperate she was for a meal.


>Who knows how desperate she was for a meal. Look at that guy, we all know how desperate she was for a meal


Prisoners are unable to give legal consent to sex. The guards have power over them. They might as well be children as far as the power dynamic is concerned. If this guy traded a Big Mac for a blowjob to a 12 year old it would be practically the same, as far as consent is concerned. The 12 year old might have done it "willingly" but they are unable to give consent.


Looked it up. Depends on the state, but yes, forced oral sex is rape. Also any object penetrating the anus without consent. Didn't know that either.


You are assuming that the one time he got caught was the only time he did it.


She came forward. Let’s hope others come forward too after hearing this story


And risk losing the Chick-fil-a deal she has with his replacement?


He also worked there for almost 30 years, he probably gave up a decent paycheck and retirement that was around the corner.


realistically this almost certainly wasn't the only time he did this, just the only time he was caught.


I get that, the problem with many criminals is they realize how easy it is to get away with a crime and they think they are geniuses who figured out some way to scam the system. It's super easy to rob a bank, the tellers aren't going to resist, they just hand you the money and if you get out of there fast enough you're pretty much free. The problem is it usually that's the only a couple thousand dollars, how long can you live off of a couple thousand dollars? Not very long, so they keep on doing it over and over again and the third or fourth time they get caught, because they start establishing patterns, they get lazy, people keep noticing familiar cars, they bragged to people who rat them out. We can probably assume he's done this over and over again. Probably lives a really shitty life and thinks he's wasted it, having that much control over someone and getting away with it is probably the most exciting thing he's ever done in his life. Around 45 years old you should probably be looking into retirement, doing shit like this should be your past, you can recognize that you've gotten away with it but also recognize you were lucky. Obviously criminals are short sighted but I would say the longer it went on the more he has to lose.


The jails/ prisons are full of people who fucked up just one too many times.


Hey hey don’t forget the handjob.


You know if you asked my younger dumbass self that question he might say it was worth it. Although I definitely would have abstained for moral reasons


Well, he probably didn't expect to get caught.


What about an outback steakhouse?


This might seem crass, but.. don’t you worry about the chomping off of the dick in this situation? Such a strange choice.


You'd probably die not long after if you did that


i think the headline is funnier if you assume that he was actually the recipient of the mcdonalds


I actually lived near that Women’s Prison if it’s the one in Shakopee MN, no joke it was like 3 blocks from a ton of homes and parks and confused me location wise


I was scrolling through the comments to see if anyone posted the actual article coz there’s a paywall where i am. So i was curious whether it was a male or female inmate. Lol. Thanks.


> A former Minnesota corrections sergeant was sentenced to 120 days jail and 7 years probation Wednesday for trading a McDonald’s meal for sex with an inmate. >Randy Beehler, 54, of Foley, Minn. pleaded guilty on March 24 to fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct. Along with the sentence, Dakota County District Judge Tim Wermager ordered Beehler to participate in sex offender treatment and register as a predatory offender. >>“I am pleased Mr. Beehler is being held accountable for his actions,” Dakota County Attorney Kathy Keena said in a statement. “As an employee of the Minnesota Department of Corrections, Mr. Beehler was entrusted with the victim’s care and protection while transporting her to the Hennepin County Jail. He violated his position of authority by engaging in sexual acts with a woman who was in a very vulnerable situation.” >Beehler was transferring the female inmate on Sept. 30, 2019, from Olmsted County jail to Minneapolis. The inmate reported to Hennepin County authorities that Beehler told her he was stopping for food. The inmate said she would “do anything” for some food and Beehler asked if that included coming up to the front seat and “fooling around,” according to the charges. >Around 12:45 p.m. that day, Beehler pulled into a McDonald’s drive-through in Cannon Falls and ordered meals for him and the inmate. Beehler then pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned business, uncuffed the inmate and brought her to the front seat before resuming the drive. >While traveling through Dakota County, Beehler opened his pants exposing his penis and the woman manually stimulated him and performed oral sex on him, charges state. >Beehler initially denied the allegations to investigators, but eventually admitted to buying the inmate food and allowing her to sit up front. He also admitted she performed the sexual acts. >Beehler was hired by the Department of Corrections in September 1994 as a corrections officer in St. Cloud. He was promoted to sergeant in January 2008 and transferred to the agency’s Central Transport Unit in May 2009. Minnesota prison officials said Wednesday that Beehler no longer works for the agency.


Sounds like a scumbag. Thanks for the copy/paste !!


Plot twist He received the mcdonalds.


Prison guards are really the worst kind of rent-a-cops


The worst psychopath I knew growing up became a prison guard. She knew that’s what she wanted to do as long as I knew her. It still makes me shudder when I think of her and I haven’t seen her in 20 years.


That is fucking insane if your ambition is to control people like that


She was my best friends older sister and she absolutely terrified me. I think the fear of her kept me from doing anything that might land me in jail. I never touched drugs because it was never worth it to me to risk being her victim.


Haha well I geuss she did manage to do some good in this world lol


In some very small towns it's the only job with any chance at mobility.


I can imagine being a prison guard in whatever scenario where that was my best way to make a living. I straight up can’t imagine wanting to be one.


Yep. Some total creep in there for sure.


The rent-a-cop quality scale ranges from prison guard to Paul Blart


I would highly suggest a book called Eileen. Brilliantly dark, and achingly funny, and yes, it’s related to prison guards


The biggest asshole I have ever met in my life, by a wide margin, was a prison guard before he took over and ran his Dad's successful family business into the ground through a series of staggering acts of assholery. Good looking guy, hot girlfriend, handed a successful *almost* idiot proof business. Continuously and gratuitously, often for little or no gain, screwed people over every way his relatively dim brain could conceive of at every opportunity like it was his hobby. Lost the business and the girl and alienated every potential friend he could have had that I know of. Deserved every bit of misfortune and much more. Decades later now and if he died of cancer I would smirk.


Stamford Prisoner Experiments


“for trading McDonald’s for RAPING an inmate”


I’m looking for help and further understanding on the topic. What makes this rape and what would have to change for it to not be rape? Seriously not trying to be a jerk here.


Because an officer in a jail has basically complete control of the inmate, so no form of sexual contact can be legally considered consentual. The power differential is too great.


Thanks for explaining. I hear what you’re saying and I think I agree. The article makes it seem about as consensual as a situation like this could be, but I hear you that the dynamic and power differential changes things. Regardless of what your opinion on rape or not, it’s fucked up that this happened.


Rape is without consent. I couldn’t read the article so i can’t comment on this specifically. But i can say that “some people” argue that if you are in a position where you urgently require money/big macs and have to sell your body for it then you can’t really “consent” in the same way you would if you weren’t in a difficult position to start with. I don’t agree with that myself coz every single job requires someone to be in a position where they need money. And i’m not speaking for OP either. Just giving my opinion.


Thanks for explaining your perspective


> Beehler was transferring the female inmate on Sept. 30, 2019, from Olmsted County jail to Minneapolis. The inmate reported to Hennepin County authorities that Beehler told her he was stopping for food. The inmate said she would “do anything” for some food and Beehler asked if that included coming up to the front seat and “fooling around,” according to the charges. Around 12:45 p.m. that day, Beehler pulled into a McDonald’s drive-through in Cannon Falls and ordered meals for him and the inmate. Beehler then pulled into the parking lot of an abandoned business, uncuffed the inmate and brought her to the front seat before resuming the drive. While traveling through Dakota County, Beehler opened his pants exposing his penis and the woman manually stimulated him and performed oral sex on him, charges state.


Ok. Thanks. That article is behind a paywall in ireland. He clearly coerced that woman and took advantage.


It's the power dynamic more than anything else. The guard had power over the inmate before the topic of McDonald's even came up, so it skews the entire incident.




She's a vulnerable person due to her incarceration and especially so since he is in a position of direct authority. It is incredibly difficult to consent prisoners for research because they don't have autonomy, similarly to minors. A barter system would likely also assume that the goods/services could be obtained in other ways, or from other vendors. A better metaphor would be a theme park where all the food is outrageously priced and mostly mediocre, after already paying out the nose to go to the place. You don't want to pay that price, and you definitely wouldn't pay that much for that food in any other circumstance, but you're stuck.




Rape is sex without consent. The prisoner is unable to give consent.


It’s the dumbing down of the word and losing the context of it. It’s the woke thing to do. Take a heinous word which implies something: violent non consensual sex - rape. A person retroactively says they regret sex, rape A person mid coitus says I want to stop, rape. A prison guard barters for sex, rape In all of these situations, they are not the same and don’t need the same word, but people need to constantly gatekeep the word for virtue signaling purposes.


I think I do agree with you. I don't think we have a word for this. Not really consented, but also not non-consented either. I just spent like five minutes trying to come up with a term for it but all of mine sounded stupid.


Because it was stupid, and so are you. R A P E. That would be the word you're refusing to use, which covers the whole spectrum you're trying to trivialize and separate. This is what happens when rape culture is the norm. You really need to reflect on how anything but enthusiastic informed consent is rape. A person trapped in this woman's situation *does not have full autonomy* to consent. "Consent" within the confines of abuse isn't consent, friend. (Edit for a word)


Don't call me friend after calling me stupid. I am definitely not your friend after that condescending attack.


It wasn't so much an attack as a.... non-attack? You know how, like, when you're attacking someone, but not *really* attacking them? Yeah. Whatever word that would be.


Read the article, it wasn’t like that. He was transferring her between facilities. He said he’s getting McDonalds first. She said “i would do anything for McDonalds right now” He said oh really? He got her lunch then she gave him a BJ. Although someone in a position of authority can abuse the inmates. He’s still in the wrong, but IN THIS particular instance, it didnt sound like coercion.


That is the version he told.


That's not how statutory rape works. She doesn't have the ability to concent


Heh, you caught me. Tricked on a title. This sounds much less terrible than I had assumed. I mean, still not great, but... better than before.


The power dynamic makes it a rape. You can’t give consent when you fear punishment if you refuse


Yeh the system is kinda rigged against you if you’re in prison with no access to money. But i don’t agree that its necessarily rape. She didn’t need the macdonalds. Plus i’m assuming she also wouldn’t have been punished for saying no to the offer ?? I don’t know.


Was there punishment involved or was it "Ok, no maccas for you?"


He's a prison guard with power over her for the duration of the transfer. For all she knows refusing could see him manufacture a reason to hit her.


Bold to assume it was the guard that initiated the transaction


It doesn't matter, she is not in a position to consent to a sexual act with him. If a 14 year old attempts to initiate a sexual act with an adult, it is the adult's duty to refuse because they know that a child cannot consent to sex with an adult. The same is true of a prisoner and a guard. A guard is in a position of power over a prisoner such that the prisoner cannot consent.


Can’t tell if you’re just making a bad joke or serious. That’s how fucked up this country has become.


They have 235,000 comment karma, it was a joke, a dark and twisted American kind of joke. Well played imo, on par for the course.


Hmmm, do Americans have darker humour? I'm of the belief nothing is sacred and a joke can be made about anything, and I've noticed many of my international friends recoil from time to time.


Iv been to jail if someone was like you can eat that shitty food or suck my dick for a McChicken I'm eating the shitty food but if I did suck the dick it wouldn't be rape


As the point was made, legally it would be statutory rape.


I'd be surprised if he actually serves the 120 In jail, in Minnesota if you behave like a good boy you only have to do 3/4 of the sentence. Plus the judges like to sentence you to a Lotta time then they "stay" that time. So a 365 day sentence goes down to 3 or 4 days in actual jail then the rest of the time is held over your head, and if you fuck up up while on probation then you actually have to serve the rest of the time. Oh and BTW, probation in mn is pretty lax if you get a misdemeanor. All you gotta do is call a hot line once a month and talk to a robot.


Everybody knows the prison economy is getting out of hand. [news story on the economy](https://youtu.be/K2IYIJc1f00)


why the fuck is coerced rape only a two month sentence? he must have a promising swimming career. jesus fucking wept, that’s some awful bullshit.


He didn’t engage in sexual acts for Maccas He raped her and gave her some food He was jailed for 120 days for raping someone in his care! 120 days only. 120 days for raping someone handcuffed and under your care / protection Nothing funny here


He needs to be registered as a sex offender and kept on the registry for life.


He is


And needs more time. He didn’t get cheap sex. He raped a prisoner in his custody who had nowhere else to go


He was only sentenced to 120 days in jail? Isn't this basically a form of rape?


Noooooo. This kinda thing NEVER happens in the real world! Lol


Is it just me, or "a man raped his starving victim" a bit fucked to be on a humour sub...? That said, it *is* Reddit, so....


For the inmate that may have just been a win win from her perspective. Idk, if I was in jail and I could get a McDonald's meal in exchange for sex, I'd be fully on board with that, even if prison food is pretty good. Not saying I condone or excuse the sergeant for what they did, they were in a position of power abusing their authority. But from the inmate's perspective, sex and McDonald's are both rare things in prison.


She just gave him a blowjob. So she didn't get any "sex" in return.


She was expecting a Big Mac but instead got a kids unhappy meal. Womp womp


McMuffin for a stuffin


Someone was lovin’ it




A real hamburglar.


The real cheeseburger eddy


I guess we know why it is called a Happy Meal.


Sure - she admitted this and got him in some shit - but can she get in trouble over this too? She did bribe him.


*saunters up to the cell door* “guess what? The McRib is back!”


What I find unbelievable is that so many others get away with murdering innocent people yet this dude's going down for this shit 🤣


It's better than paying 40 dollars


Where are these 40 dollar bj's you speak of? I'm sure my friend is gonna ask me. Just checking in advance for him.




Seems like an agreed upon exchange


I see no problem with this guy. If I was in prison, and I really wanted some pizza... I've walked three miles, back and forth, half of which with a hurt ankle, and spent every dime I had for two slices of real pizza (passed a Pizza Hut and a Dominos on the way). His method sounds less painful, and less work.