I think my mom is cheating on my dad

I think my mom is cheating on my dad


I would say get professional help. Ask your mom if you can see a therapist to talk to and if she asks you why. You should look her in the eyes. Don’t say anything, and just tell her because you need to talk to someone about something you saw and need a professionals opinion on what to do. If your mom demands to know what you saw just tell her. Don’t be scared either. I know it’s hard. I remember being 20 and I heard my parents argue for the first time. My mom caught my dad. My life flashed before my eyes bc literally everything I thought was love really wasn’t. It hurt my heart deep down inside bc I know my mom was hurt but also my dad was embarrassed and upset for hurting my mom. I never confronted them, I just kept it to myself. That wasn’t that good either bc what I felt started to project onto my intimate relationships, friendships, and overall relationship with both my parents. It’s not until my old sister asked me what was going wrong and I told her. We were both in shock but I know I had someone to talk to who had more experience in life than me. It made me feel better to talk to a professional as well. There’s online therapy that you can always pay out of pocket for. I hope that you can at least talk to someone who can help. Don’t bottle what you feel and hold it in because it’s not your fault no responsibility to hold those feelings.


Thank you for your offer to help me but it's hard here in sudan I have to use data and there is no tahrpy in sudan And my parents don't trust online that much But thank you for trying to help me with the mess


idk what YOU should do but I would have 3 options. 1. talk to mom 2. tell dad 3. try to forget 2 and 3 are problematic for reasons and then I'd just start working on how to take my best shot at 1