10 New And Improved Popular Mens Hairstyles

Choose from the most popular men’s hairstyles to give yourself a look which is really on trend. These looks are some of the most popular styles right now and many celebrities are choosing similar men’s cuts. If you want any more inspiration to help you to find the best hairstyles, then you should ask your barber for help to find the styles that might suit you best. They will consider your hair type, length and face shape.


What creates a popular men’s hairstyle?

In order for a hairstyle to become popular, the style must be relatively easy for most men to do. Complex hairstyles rarely become as popular, because people find them too difficult to recreate. Shorter hairstyles also tend to be more popular than mid-length or long haircuts, because longer haircuts take more time and effort to grow. “Get-Up and Go” hairstyles are loved by men who want a really simple look that they can wear every single day.


Thick and Lush Haircut with a Light Curl

Thick curly hairstyle for men


Tight Soft Curls For Guys

popular curly hairstyle for men


Tousled Curls and a Long Fade

Long Fade hairstyle


Slicked Back and Comb Cut Hairstyle

Comb Cut Hairstyle with beard


Soft Choppy Curls with A Fade Cut

choppy curly hairstyle for men


Voluminous Spiked-Up Haircut

men Spike hairstyle


Tapered Haircut and Fluffed-Up Choppy Curls


Side-Swept Straight Hair with a Long Fade


Thick and Tousled Choppy Hairstyle for Men


Bold Curved Spikes

simple hairstyle for men


Popular guys need  a popular men’s haircut. Choosing the right look will help them to maintain their edge. This is why it is so important to choose a cool hairstyle which is perfect for your needs.


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