6 randy orton short hairstyle

Randy Orton is well-known for his wrestling and acting career. His short hairstyles are instantly recognisable when he is stood in the wrestling ring or when he is in the movies. Hard guys with short hair love his look, because it is simple to copy and easy to maintain. In other words, the styles are very versatile. Why not try out one of these Randy Orton short hair ideas next time you visit the barber?


Why Randy Orton Loves Short Hair

Randy Orton is at the peak of physical fitness. In order to continue to excel at his sport, he needs to make sure that he has a hairstyle which allows him to avoid distractions. These short haircuts are stylish yet practical. Randy Orton’s short hair doesn’t fall into his eyes or get caught up whilst he is fighting.┬áThe styles are also very easy to maintain. He can wash his hair after exercise and still be ready to go to the party afterwards. This is why the styles are so great.


Fade Haircut and Stubble Beard

 randy orton short Fade hairstyle


Uniform Length Head and Facial Hair

Facial Hair for randy orton


Thick Line Up Beard and Hair

Thick beard with randy orton short hair


Patchy Line Up Beard with Widow’s Peak Hair

Widow's Peak randy orton short hairstyle


Thick Hair and Clean Shaven Face

Clean Shaven with randy orton short hair


Angular Line Up Head and Facial Hair

 randy orton short hair


If you are a hard man, why not copy Randy Orton’s short hairstyles? These practical hairstyles are timeless looks which can be worn anywhere. They are great for guys who work hard and like to play hard too. Randy Orton short hairstyles can be worn by any guy, not only those who love wrestling.


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