5 Reality Star Scott Disick hairstyles

Scott Disick is one of reality TV’s most famous “other halfs”. He is a regular on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, because he has dated Kourtney Kardashian for a long time. Although they are currently broken-up, KUWTK fans hope that they willl get back together very soon. Many fans are keen to emulate Scott Disick’s hairstyles, because they feel that his hairstyles have a little bit of celebrity cool.

What features are common is Scott Disick’s Hairstyles?

Scott Disick likes to wear his hair in a very distinctive style. He often combs his hair back to give the impression of volume. Rolling his hair upwards and backwards help him to make it look much thicker than it actually is. He often likes to keeps his hair looking sleek and groomed to give it a better shape.


Casual Swept Back Celebrity Hairstyle

Swept Back Scott Disick hairstyle


Voluminous and Sleek Rolled Back Haircut

Back Haircut for Scott Disick


Casual Cut with a Light Wave

Light Wave Scott Disick hair


Dark and Stormy Intense Haircut

Scott Disick Dark and Stormy hairstyle


Styled Voluminous Hair with a Side Parting

Side Parting Scott Disick hairstyle


Scott Disick has chosen many different hairstyle during his famous phase. Looking through our list will give you some amazing ideas for your next shot at a celebrity hairstyle. In many ways, he is the ultimate style icon.


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