6 Killer Semi Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

A proper mohawk hairstyle takes a lot of commitment, so it is no surprise that semi-mohawk hairstyles for men are a great alternative. Semi mohawk styles are not quite as extreme as the real thing, so guys often choose these hairstyles instead. In order to create this type of style, you will need to be prepared to grow your hair so that it is long enough.


What is the difference between a fohawk and semi-mohawk hairstyles for men?

Fohawks are just a type of semi-mohawk haircut. A fohawk which can be gelled up or worn down as well is called a fohawk. The fohawk is the perfect men’s hairstyle for guys who want something extreme at the weekend, but still want to be able to look smart for work on Monday. If your hair is long enough, you could give it a go right now!


Thick Semi Mohawk with a Close Fade Haircut

Thick semi mohawk fade hairstyle for men


Short Dreadlocks in a Mohawk Hairstyle

Short Dreadlocks with semi mohawk hairstyle


Funky Purple Colored Soft Fohawk

Purple semi mohawk hairstyle for Asian boy


Undercut Hair Gelled Up into a Semi Mohawk

semi mohawk hairstyle


Classic Punk Mohawk and Short Fade Haircut

semi mohawk hairstyle for young boy


Neon Green and Yellow Punky Hairstyle

semi mohawk hairstyle


Slicked Back Semi Mohawk Hairstyle for Stylish Guys

Slicked Back semi mohawk hairstyle for men


Try out a fohawk style first to see if you like it. If you think that you look great with a fohawk, then you might be the perfect candidate for something that is a little bit more extreme. You might even progress to the full mohawk haircut!


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