7 Partially Shaved Hairstyles for Men

Some people think of shaved hairstyles as only being for thugs and hard men. However, shaved hair can also be used in a really artistic way too. Undercutting a hairstyle can totally transform the way that a style looks. These shaved hairstyles for men look stylish without looking threatening or dangerous. Why not choose your favorite?

Grooming shaved hairstyles for men

Partially shaved hairstyles can take a lot of maintenance, because you will need to keep the shaved sections at the right length. In order to do this, you will need to buy the right grooming tools. Most men will choose to buy an electric trimmer for this task, because electric trimmers are better at keeping every hair to the right length. A good trimmer will allow you to select lots of different lengths, so that you can keep your hair exactly the way that you want it. You may also need to invest in gels or styling products to help you to care for the longer sections of your hair.


Fohawk Style with Long Undercut

Long Undercut with Shaved Hairstyle


Soft Mohawk with Curly Waterfall Bangs

 Curly Waterfall Bang Shaved Hairstyle for men


Thick Mohawk Hairstyle for Men with Shaved Sides

Thick Mohawk Shaved Hairstyle


High Pony and Hair Art

High Pony Shaved Hairstyle for men


Posh Mohawk

mens Posh Mohawk Shaved Hairstyle


Ridged Mohawk and Long Fade Haircut

Long Fade Shaved Hairstyle for young men


Combover Style and Line-Up Haircut

 Shaved Hairstyle

Shaving your hair will allow you to transform one look into another. You may even want to think about how shaving your current hairstyle could help to transform your current look.


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