7 Lovely Short Haircuts for School Boys 2021

Short Haircuts are perfect for school boys because they don’t get in the way whilst the boys are playing or studying. It is easy for younger boys to keep short haircuts out of their eyes and out of the way. Short hair is also easy for parents to monitor and manage. However, it is still possible for school boys to assert their individuality with shorter hairstyles. They do not have to look just like all of the rest of their classmates!


Short Haircuts for School Boys who Love Play and Learning

This list will show you 7 of the best short haircuts for school-aged boys. These styles are perfect for any hair color so that every parent can give these looks a try. Some of the choices are ideal for the boys to wear whilst they are at school, whereas other styles look great on the children during their leisure time. Choose your favorite styles for your little boy.


Side Parting with a Soft Roll and a LightWave

Side Part with Short Haircuts for school boys


Classic Preppy Haircut for Young School Boys

school boys Short classic Haircuts


Wacky Blue and Green Hair with High Pony Tails

 Blue and Green Short Haircuts for school boys


Short School Boy Haircut with a Cute Peaked Fringe

cute little boy Short Haircuts


Short Haircuts with Side-Swept Soft Peaks

 Side-Swept short school boys haircut


Short Cut with a Squared-Off Fringe

Short Haircuts


Choppy Hollywood Short Hair For A Little Star

Choppy Short Haircuts for school boys


School boys can really rock short haircuts! The styles are perfect for little boys who want a look that is easy to wear and simple to maintain. Boys are able to “get up and go” with these shorter hairstyles, so they will love every morning.


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