7 Fresh Short Korean Mens Haircuts

Asian guys may not always suit Caucasian haircuts, but that is never a problem. Korean guys want to set trends of their own, rather than following the trends which are set in America. The selection of short korean men’s haircuts is unparalleled. Korean hair types mean that men have a wonderful selection of hairstyles to choose from, so that they can make the most of their natural attributes. Korean hair is very easy to style, so it is very versatile.


Inspiration for Short Korean Men’s Haircuts

K-Pop and the Korean fashion industry provide plenty of fantastic male role models who you can take inspiration from. Although Korean-American men do not always make it into the limelight, there are plenty of great guys to love from South Korea. There are plenty of blogs and Instagram pages that are dedicated to fashionable men from the region. We have collected a selection of the most inspiring cuts from around the web.


Asymmetrical Voluminous Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Short Korean Mens Haircuts


Comb-Cut Rolled Bangs for Preppy Korean Guys

Comb-Cut Short Korean Mens Hairstyle


Short Choppy Haircut

Short Choppy Korean Mens Hair


Slicked Back and Groomed Look for Posh Boys

Slicked Back Short Korean Mens Hair


Spiked-Up Hair with an Artistic Fade

Short Korean Mens Haircuts


Fluffy Spiked-Up Hairstyle

Fluffy Spiked up Short Korean Mens Hairstyle


Two Tone Hairstyle for Asian Hair

Short Two Tone Asian Mens Haircut


Korean guys can change up their look very easily. They can try out a new haircut every single day without too much effort. These short haircuts are so easy to try, that you can change your look every day until you find your favorite.


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