5 short thick hairstyles for young guys

Short, thick hair is a real blessing for young guys, because it offers up a lot of styling options. Guys often find that this hair type is the most versitile, because it reacts well to combing, brushing and cutting. This hair type grows very quickly as well, so it will grow back quickly if you do make a style change that you do not like. These short, thick hairstyles for young guys are all easy to do and look great.

Benefits of Short Thick Hairstyles for Young Guys

Thick hair gives young guys a very youthful and exuberant look. Thick hair is marvellous, because it helps to keep your head warm in winter. The thickness of the hair acts as insulation. During the summer months, you can shave or fade the sides of the style to help make things cooler. Thicker styles also look brilliant when they are enhanced using highlights and lowlights. These dyes help the hair to look full and textured.


Highlights and Lowlights on Combed Up Hairstyle

Combed Up short thick hairstyle


Lightly Waved Hair and a Long Fade

Waveshort thick hairstyle with long face


Cute Tight Choir Boy Curls

short thick hairstyle


Voluminous Spikes with a Light Wave

short thick hairstyle


Choppy Wet Look Hair

short thick hairstyle


If your hair is short and thick, then you have plenty of options to try. Why not stand in front of the mirror and try out some of the different looks that we have put into our list of short thick hairstyles for young guys.


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