5 Simple Haircuts for School Boys

Simple haircuts for school boys are a favorite for the parents as well as for the kids. Simple cuts are less expensive to do and much easier to maintain. School boys will also find it easier to keep up with their personal hygiene regime if they only have a simple hairstyle to take care of.


Perfect Choices for Simple Haircuts for School Boys

The perfect haircuts for school boys tend to be mid-length or shorter. Longer hair takes a long time to grow and it can become tangled up easily. Simpler cuts also rely on the use of fewer hair products. Most school boys will only need a little bit of hair gel and a fine comb. Although parents can guide their children’s choices, most school boys are able to decide how they would like to wear their hair at school. However, some schools do have rules about the styles which can be worn in the classroom. If you are not sure, you should check with the homeroom tutor.


Mid-Length Choppy Tousled Hairstyle for Young School Boys

Mid-Length Choppy hairstyle for school boys


Blond Spiked Hair with Tousled Roots

Blond Spiked hairstyle for little boy


Hair-Raising Style for Cool Teenagers

Cool Teenager beautiful hairstyle


Choppy Pudding Bowl Hairstyle

Choppy Pudding Bowl hair for school boy


Short Back and Sides with Gelled Up Spikes

Short Back school boy haircut


Some schoolboys haircuts are just perfect for little boys whereas other cuts are great “mini-me” versions of adult hairstyles. Think about what works well for your little boy.


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