7 Top Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Teenage guys really care about choosing the right hairstyle. Each guy needs a unique look that really matches his style. Our mission is to help guys to find some of the best hairstyle pictures on the web. Although not all of the pictures below are of teenage boys, we feel that these styles will be really easy for guys to adapt. They can be transformed into looks that are brilliant for high school, college, gigs, and parties.


Changing Adult Hairstyles into Haircuts for Teenage Guys

Teenage boys can look in plenty of different places for ideas for their next haircut. Many teen boys will take haircut inspiration from celebrities, musicians and models who are in their early 20s. They only need to make a few simple tweeks to make these hairstyles right for their needs. Some of our pictures show hairstyles that really suit teen guys and men in their early 20s. These styles can help teen boys to look older and more mature.


Clean and Simple Styling for Straight Hair Types

Simple Haircuts for Teenage Guys


Shaggy Tousled Haircut for Teens

Shaggy Tousled Haircuts for Teenage boy


Slightly Scruffy Short Cut for Rockstar Boys

Short Hairstyles for Teenage Guys


Mid-Length Shaggy Style with Highlights and Lowlights

Mid-Length Shaggy Hair for Teenage Guys


Thin Spikes with Lots of Height

Thin Spike Haircuts for Teenage men


Flyaway Hair in A Wavy Style

Wavy Haircuts for Teenage young men


Comb-Cut Heavy Quiff Hairstyle

Heavy Quiff Haircuts for Teenage boy


Teenage boys have plenty of time to experiment with the latest hairstyles. They can try out lots of different haircuts for teenage guys before settling on the perfect look. Why not try experimenting with a few different shots from our list?


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