6 Men’s Vintage 1930s Haircut trends in USA

Haircut trends have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Men in America have tried thousands of different styles, because their ideas of the perfect haircut are always changing. Vintage hairstyle choices from the 1930s are still popular with guys who want to create a specific look. Whether you are interested in fashion or history, you will love our list.

What characterised vintage 1930s haircut trends in America?

Even in the 1930s, there were a few different ideas about what made a great haircut. Most hairstyles used a lot of special hair grease to create a slicked back effect. Some men slicked their hair back completely to create a slim line style. On the other hand, some guys preferred to use the hair grease to slick their hair upwards into a voluminous style. Guys with slicked down styles normally wanted to look dapper, whereas guys who greased their hair up wanted to look wild and rebellious.


Slicked Back Hair with Razor Sharp Tramlines for Dapper Men

Slicked Back 1930s haircut for men


Greaser Quiff for Stylish Rock and Rollers

1930s Quiff hairstyle trands


Low and Subtle Quiff Hairstyle

Subtle Quiff Hairstyle in1930s


Asymmetrical Rolled Haircut for Cleancut Guys

1930s Asymmetrical haircut for men


Light Fingerwaves Hairstyle from 1930s America

1930s haircut


Early Line Up Haircut

Line Up 1930s haircut for men

If you want to try out one of these styles, you will need to invest in a great styling gel or mousse. Try to get a little bit of retro fashion into your life.


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