7 Retro and Vintage Mens Hairstyles

The phrase “vintage haircut” normally refers to a hairstyle which is reminiscent of another era. The twentieth century offers plenty of inspiration for men who want to wear their hair in a vintage or retro style. Whatever your fashion style is, you will be able to find a perfect vintage haircut to match.

Which vintage mens hairstyles to choose?

The vintage hairstyle that you choose will depend on what style you are hoping to portray. For example, finger wave hairstyles were popular with men and women in the 1920s. Teddy boy hairstyles were loved by American men during the 1940’s. There are lots of fashion choices which go with these hairstyles. To give the maximum effect to a vintage men’s hairstyle, most guys will also choose to wear vintage or retro style clothing too. Thrift stores or charity shops are the best place to find inexpensive items of vintage clothing to match your new style. Take a look round these shops to find the peices that catch your eye.


Modern Style Quiff for Soft Hair Types

Quiff vintage mens hairstyles


Shaggy Wild Man of the Woods

vintage Shaggy hairstyles for men


Widow’s Peak Hairstyle with Bushy Beard

Widow's Peak hairstytle for men


Foppish Floppy Hairstyle for Mid-Length Hair

Mid-Length vintage Hairstyle for youmg men


Slicked Back Wavy Haircut and Bushy Beard

vintage mens hirstyles


Perfect Finger Waves


Classic Vintage Curly Haircut for Men

vintage mens hairstyles

A vintage haircut for men is the perfect choice for guys who want to look like they are from another era. The right cut can make you look like an old school star.


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