7 Edgy Widows Peak Hairstyles for Men

A widow’s peak is a distinct hair shape where the hairline runs forwards into a V shape. This hairline is actually an inherited trait. Although it is a dominant gene, it is still an unusual sight. Even women can have a widow’s peak hair shape. Although some men do not like the shape of their hair, most people grow to love it. It is easier to love your hairline if you know the best way to shape widow’s peak hairstyles for men.


Widow’s Peak Hairstyles for Men: Love Or Hate?

A widow’s peak hairline can be very divisive. Some people really love the unusual style, but others really hate it. Whilst some of these men want to hide their unusual hairline, other men want to embrace it. Some of our list will show styles that hide it, but other pictures will show great styles for showing off your hairline.


Voluminous Hair Pulled into High Spikes

 High Spike Widows Peak Hairstyle


Gelled Back Hairstyle with a Slight Side Twist

Side Twist Widows Peak Hairstyle for boy


Slicked Back and Comb Cut

Comb Cut with Widows Peak Hairstyle


Mid-Length Haircut with a Pronounced Widow’s Peak

Mid-Length Widows Peak Haircut for men


Hipster Mohawk with Shaven Sides

Hipster Mohawk hairstyle for men


Cool Rolled Fohawk Hair for Retro Style

Widows Peak Hairstyle


Short Back and Sides with a Thick Lush Top

Short Back Widows Peak Hairstyle for men


What you do with your widow’s peak hairstyle is a personal choice. We offered a range of different options to help you to make the most out of the natural hairline that you have to work with. Just look through our list to find the best style for your needs.


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