5 Zayn Malik Hairstyles with A Clean Shave

Zayn Malik is one of the twentyfirst century’s largest popstars, so it is no surprise that his hairstyles are incredibly popular with young men. Although he often has a bit of stubble, his clean shaven styles can be worn by older teenagers too. Our list shows some Zayn Malik hairstyles with a clean shave.


Getting a Zayn Malik Hairstyle with a Clean Shave

Some guys find it hard to get a clean shave, but it is never impossible. Most of these hairstyles rely on a clean shave, because this look adds to the shape and texture of the main cut. If you are naturally stubbly, you will need to buy a manual razor to get a perfect clean shave. Always apply shaving cream to help to protect your skin against the razor blade. Without shave cream, you are more likely to cut your face or end up with dry and inflammed patches of skin. Many razors bend to get to all of the patches of skin. Apply a post-shave balm to help to keep your face as soft as possible. This should give you a wonderful clean shave to wear with your Zayn Malik haircuts.


Asymmetrical Spiked Peaks

Zayn Malik Asymmetrical Spike hairstyle


Tousled Spiky Hair with a Long Undercut

Long Undercut Clean Shave hairstyle


Cute Rolled Popstar Fringe

Fringe hairstyle with Clean Shave


Brushed Up Hair ForĀ  A Simple Style

Simple Zayn Malik hairStyle with Clean Shave


Combed Up Quiff and Long Undercut

Zayn Malik Long Undercut Shave hairstyle


These short hairstyles are great for young guys. Try one out and look like a real star.


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